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Thread: Shimano Calcutta 400 TE vs. Tekota 600

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    Question Shimano Calcutta 400 TE vs. Tekota 600

    I am thinking of setting up 9' Shimano Talora rods with either Calcutta 400 TE vs. Tekota 600 reels. They will be mostly used for trolling for salmon w/ a downrigger but at times I may use them for river fishing as well salmon.

    My questions are:
    1. Which reel would you recommend out of those 2?
    2. Would you recommend using mono vs. braided?

    Thanks in advance for your time.



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    Default Shimano Reels

    I would buy the Calcutta 400 TE as an all around reel for trolling, river fishing, and casting from the bank.
    Trolling only I would go with the Tekota 600. It's not really designed for river or bank fishing. Because of the size and line capacity I would load it with mono because it's easier to work with.

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    I own both of these reels.

    The TE will be much more versatile for all river applications as well as trolling in the salt. The TE will have you covered for backtrolling, backbouncing, drift fishing, pitching hardware, as well as slingin' bobber and bait. The TE is also a LOT MORE money $$$.

    If strictly trolling/backtrolling, I prefer the Tekota. Way more line capacity and much faster line pickup than the 400TE due to the bigger spool. This is NOT a reel you want to hold on to all day... it's quite heavy and should spend most of its day in a rod holder.

    I would opt for braid with either reel. I fill all but the last few millimeters of the spool with Dacron backing, then top off with 50 yds of Superbraid to capacity. The superbraid "topping" does 99% of the work while fishing. Backing just there to keep you at the largest diameter of spool capacity for maximum speed... and occasionally needed when that mega-hawg tries to swim back to Russia.
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    Default Not Happy w/ Calcutta 401 TE

    I have fished Calcutta 251's for years and they have functioned exceptionally. Two years ago I picked up the 401 TE because the regular Calcutta was only available in the 400 model. The TE has had two handles bend and I've replaced the line guide mechanism as well. If you are purchasing the right hand retrieve (400), I would recommend just going with the regular Calcutta instead of the TE. Seems to be better quality and less $$$.

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    I used Shimano and ABU Garcia reels for years until, three years ago, I picked up and Penn 965....I now have them on all my king rods and have "demoted"the others to my silver/red gear.
    They have very good line capacity - I run mono - and a very smooth drag. I have had no trouble with them and they have worked hard for me and my family.


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