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Thread: My Daughters First Yote Through her Eyes!

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    Default My Daughters First Yote Through her Eyes!

    Long and short of it was this couple weeks ago at my farm. We had two colts get taken down with in a couple days of each other by yotes. They would get them from behind and take out there ass/guts. The mares of these two are pretty skidish so i'm sure they never fought the yotes.

    So with one colt left i'm back to being a trapper. Set some power snares out with my daughter around where i knew they come through used the second killed colt for bait. Shot one calling. Day 3 checking the snares after work when i can hear huff/choke sound. Caught a yote, check it out got it around the chest, and no gun took it out that morning cause it was -40. Run back to town grab a .22, give my daughter the option to go to hockey practice or shoot a yote.

    Now hear is why we all should hunt/trap the adrenaline and excitment that was coming off my daughter was amazing. She wrote a story on her i pod i had to share.

    I was scared, some people say it's the adrenaline the makes you hunt. For me the thing that makes me hunt is that excitment of the first coyote you shot. I was home from school when dad came home from work he gave me two chooses go to hockey or shoot a coyote. I love both but went to get a coyote. So i got my coveralls on and reached the little farm. I felt like I was going to faint, we got to the tree which had a piece of wire on it called a snare which had a big coyote on the hard white ground. The coyote was still alive caught around the chest. If the snare was any lower the coyote would of escaped. Dad gave me the .22 rifle it looked at me in fear i was so shaky i missed my first shot. The next shot was right smack in the heart. I guess it is a hobby only I can love

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    Great story... the making of another hunter/outdoors youngster! You can just see the excitement on her face. Thanks for sharing.

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    I get all choked up seeing things like that. Nothing better.
    Semper Fi and God Bless

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    Great gal there,she done good
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    Awesome job, and a great choice. I would have chosen the coyote too.

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    awesome story, looks like a nice yote too.


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