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    I was wondering if any of you guys have had any experience with the T-14 infrared "IMAGEING 1" scopes? Got a problem with wild pigs on our farm in Louisiana and the same with the roos eating up every thing down on the sheep farm in Tasmania . Tried some old russian stuff in OZ-- but need a real scope.

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    Not that one (I think it may be illegal to take game in Alaska with it) but down in Arizona I used an 80s vantage night vision scope (light enhancing type) for coyotes around the house. Had little luck because the real usable range was maybe 75 yards and beyond 40 or so it took forever to acquire your dim target, by then they were gone usually. I was able to kill just two yotes with it over the better part of a summer. I wanted a thermal type and think it would have worked great but they were very pricy at the time. If I had need now (as you do) Id not hesitate to get one and try it because Im confident it would work far better than what I had and what I had was better than nothing.
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    Come on guys-- 173 views and one response??? With all the high $ toys, big truck, fancy 4-wheelers, ect. around Alaska, I am sure some of you have tried this new age $10,000 scope??
    But maybe i,m wrong??

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    Before I retired I bought (with Uncle Sam's money) a couple hundred thousand in thermal imagers. I had the US Army Night Vision Lab survey the area I wanted covered and they gave recommendations which I followed. We bought 2 imagers for for a centerfire rifle and one for a suppressed .22LR for vermin and deer control which were serious problems in some areas. We gave the meat to several local soup kitchens.

    I played with the .22LR some and the imager would identify most anything alive out to maybe 200 yds or so. It worked best with temperature differentials of 5 degrees F or greater....i.e., on a 95 degree day it did not see bodies well and lost definition but other wise, it was a wonderful piece of equipment. I don't recall the cost but it was probably in the $30K range in 2000. Prices have come down and I'm sure Uncle Sam got screwed some but these were designed and built for combat not hunting. Thermal imaging technology has come a long way since then and the top of the line stuff is still out of the reach of most of us. With the new stuff you can see tire tracks on asphalt caused by the friction of the tires as they go over the pavement or palm prints on the wall...doesn't last long but it is clearly visible with the thermal imagers.

    Not sure this helps much but there is technology out there for your purpose and my bet is the surplus Russian market is the best source and the most recent generation is your best bet and most expensive. Mogodishu used to have a thriving market in stolen Russian equipment...AK's for cheap and whatever you wanted the mafia could get....for a price...all it takes is money....maybe a good strong light would be cheaper.
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    Thanks much for the expert opinions.

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    Have used a Gen ATM 6x for the hogs we have on our fields. It has no problem seeing them at 500+ yards. We can easily shot that far, but it is extremely hard to judge distance in a flat 500 acre field. Have not bothered with Thermo, but have been more than impressed with the regular night vision scope.

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