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Thread: Engine starting in cold weather

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    Default Engine starting in cold weather

    What happens when you are in the bush and the weather is below zero over night. You can not just plug the plane in so what do you do?

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    I use a generator these days. The new 1000w generators weigh about 30# so they're no big deal to handle. I also have a heater box that contains a white gas MSR stove. The heat is ducted to the engine compartment with high temp flex hose. Almost everyone has some variation of this method. Google "Northern Companion" and you can see an example that's for available to purchase.

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    There used to be several models of catalytic heaters that would fit inside of an airplane cowl. Propane or white gas fueled. I have a couple white gas catalytics. Wrap the cowl up good with an engine cover, put in the heater at night. In the morn the engine is warm enough to start. You need a small amount of air flow tho, as the catalytic needs Oxy to burn.
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