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Thread: NPR glock article

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    Default NPR glock article

    A nice little history of Glock.
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    I listened to Terry Gross's interview of Paul Barrett, who wrote "Glock: The Rise of America's Gun". It was pretty interesting with only one anti-gun lie, oops! I mean misunderstanding. Gross and Barrett were talking about the Assault Weapons Ban and Gross stated that the nutcase who shot Rep. Giffords was able to buy a 33 round mag because the AWB sunseted(is that a word?) and Barrett said yes. I bought plenty of mags that went more than 10 rounds during the AWB. Legally.

    Barrett also made a big thing of the mag capacity of the Glock 17-17 rounds of 9mm. I truely believe Barrett has no idea that the Browning Hi-Power, in service 50 years earlier, holds only 4 rounds less. (Now some Hi-Power mags hold 17!)

    What did impress me was that Barrett, a reporter who lives in NYC, brought up how there are more and more guns in the country and NYC, but that crime is way, way down. He said that crime in NYC is at the same levels it was in the '50s. Gross had no responce to that. He said that it was obvious that the anti-gun groups have got the more guns=more crime equation wrong.

    Not bad for NPR.
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