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Thread: advice on hunting duds for hall road caribou hunt

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    Default advice on hunting duds for hall road caribou hunt

    i am looking to do a caribou hunt on the hall road this year. i have been looking at sitka gear and have heard great things. i am torn between the 90% set, the stormfront set, and the coldfront set. i have only seen the 90% set in person, the other two i just know what i read online. i am concerned getting a setup that is either too hot/cold, or too noisy. water resistance is a plus haha. anybody have any experience with sitka gear??? thanks for the help.

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    I have the cold front jacket and pant. They are the best set that I have ever had. I have gone to the brooks range for a couple of different hunts since I got them. Not to noisy and pretty waterproof. After a couple of days started to soak through though. But overall really like them.

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    I have used the 90% up there in late August into early September and have not been disappointed. Watch,, and/or for Sitka gear on sale. Sportsman's Warehouse has them (full price, never on sale) to look at up close and personal.
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    I haven't been up the haul road (on the to-do-list), but do love my sitka gear. Got the Ascent pant this summer for something lightweight and breathable while getting in shape. Used em for ptarmigan in Hatcher Pass and a goat hunt near Seward. They cut the wind great and my legs never felt too hot or sweaty. (90lbs of goat was doing its best though). I was very satisfied with the durability of the Ascent - going through willows/devils club/alders.

    Back home in Southeast there seems to never be a dry stick in the woods during hunting season so this September I bought the Downpour pants and jacket. Used them for mid-September alpine deer hunts where it was soppin wet at the bottom and mostly dry on top and stayed dry and warm even though temps were hovering at just below freezing in the early morning and barely warm enough to melt the frost on top of the mountain. Continued using them throughout deer season - as the temp dropped I just put on more layers. My Puffy fits nicely under it to. Used the Downpour just last week trapping and have absolutely no complaints throughout the spectrum of hunting seasons. Also, I've recently got hooked on merino wool and while its not made by Sitka Gear, my smartwool tops and bottoms are fantastic as a base layer.

    If I'm taking a rifle or shotgun with me, I'm also taking my Sitka Gear. (Plus the optifade does look pretty spiffy)

    Good luck on the haul road


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