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Thread: Early morning coyote kill

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    Default Early morning coyote kill

    Got this guy just as it was getting light. He was on a moose kill. First blood of the new year.Click image for larger version. 

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    NIce job!!! What caliber rifle is that?

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    Nice! Did you call him in, or were you quietly stalking a known moose kill?

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    Gun is a Rem 700 22-250. I had the barrel cut down to 16in, I cut the stock down and refinished it. Perfect winter gun when wearing lots of layers. Under 6lbs with a 2 by 7 leupold scope. I hand load 50gr speer spizer SP with 36 grs imr-4320.

    I was going to the kill to try calling, but he was already their. Shot was about 150 yds.

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    Good job SkwentnaMan, that's awesome.
    I like the rifle modifications you made, that's surely a nice one to tote around. What kind of velocity are you getting with that load if you don't mind me asking?

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    Well according to one of my reloading manual it says 3700 fps but that seems fast, and with that short barrel I dont know. I'm thinking 3500 fps?? No Idea though. I loaded some more with 38 grns of imr 4320 but havent shot them yet. I can get 3/4 in. MOA at 100 yards with my loads now. Thinking about putting a 4 by 12 scope on it. I have shot sitka deer with this gun and it does great, just have to pick and limit your shots. This gun is a pure joy to carry and shoot. I head shot 9 ptarmigan with it the other day using only 8 rounds.


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