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Thread: Eskimo/strikemaster parts compatibility??

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    Default Eskimo/strikemaster parts compatibility??

    Hey all, I have a gift card for cabelas and I would like to get an auger extension and quick connect coupler for my Eskimo auger. Does anyone have any experience with using strikemaster parts with Eskimo Augers? I have asked around and all I can get is "I would think they would be interchangeable". I would think that too but I don't want to pay shipping twice if I'm wrong:-) Has anyone used the strikemaster extension and coupler on an Eskimo brand auger?

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    I have a strikemaster auger that bolted right up to my eskimo power head.

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    I have an Eskimo and Strikemaster.
    I have used the Strikemaster drill on the Eskimo head, no problem.
    I had to re-drill the bottom end of my extension to fit in my Eskimo drill though.
    No big deal.

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    Ill bet three rivers would know..


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