Here is the balance of the Camera Land 2012 SHOT Show Report

We mentioned the new Swarovski Ballistic Turret in our SHOT Show Preview, but I had not seen at that point. As expected, very well tooled and everything I expected from a company as precise as Swarovski
In order to obtain the Custom Ballistic Turret, you can order one by calling SWAROVSKI OPTIK’S Customer Service Department at 800-426-3089 and supplying them with all cartridge/load data.

Click Here to see the Video on the Custom Ballistic Turret.

Swarovski has announced a trade in program for their EL and SLC product thru 6/30/2012:
If you buy a new EL 42mm or 50mm Swarovision or a new SLC 8x42 HD or SLC 10x42 HD you can trade in your old EL 8.5x42, 10x42 EL or SLC 10x42 (Only the dark Green version with a serial #D7450 or more current).
The way this will work is you buy your new binocular from us and then contact Swarovski for an RA# and send your binocular in to them. Your binocular must be functional. They will allow:
$700.00 for a 10x42 SLC-neu
$850.00 for an 8.5x42 EL
$900.00 for a 10x42 EL
Swarovski will then send you a payment.
This is only offered to USA or Canada.
My advise, before you call us to order your new binocular (as I hate issues with product trade ins) is to call Swarovski @ 1-800-426-3089 and speak with someone in customer service to make sure your trade in binocular is eligible for the rebate. Always a great idea to check and confirm ahead of time, rather than to find out after you make the purchase that your binocular is too old to qualify.

Last year we became an authorized Trijicon dealer, and to be honest we have not done too much with their products. I cannot say why as they do make a great product, I guess we never really pursued it all that much.
I met with them to take a look at what was new and found a renewed excitement for their gear.
Their Tech rep went over a few items with Scottie and I which I think were great:
* Trijicon TARS, Tactical Advanced Riflescopes. The Trijicon TARS™ variable power riflescope is as rugged as the Trijicon ACOG®, but with the precise adjustability that long-range shooting demands. It is USA made and packed with features like a first focal plane reticle, reliable LED illumination with ten settings and locking external adjusters.
* Battery 4x32 ACOG The Trijicon ACOG has been around and very popular but if there was no light available where the scope was the illumination had no fuel. Now with the addition of the Battery 4x32 ACOG that situation has an answer.
* Trijicon SRS, Sealed Relex Sight. The Trijicon SRS is a highly engineered sealed reflex sight that eliminates the tube-effect typically associated with other sealed reflex style sights. The modern design incorporates a 28mm aperture that allows easier target acquisition. Its 1.75 MOA dot is small enough for precision and bright enough for speed. The SRS features an innovative solar cell assisted by a single AA battery.
* Trijicon ACOG Crossbow Scope The Trijicon ACOG Crossbow Scope is the first truly high performance optic designed specifically for crossbows. It utilizes the same platform as the legendary Trijicon ACOG® so it's tough, accurate and reliable too– thanks to Trijicon's battery-free dual-illumination system of fiber optics and tritium. At 5.89 ounces, it stands as the lightest weight magnified crossbow optics on the market.

I think we'll be a bigger force in Trijicon products in 2012 as they do deserve to get more attention from us. Their products are great quality, as such, the damand for Trijicon is very high, as demonstrated by the 8 to 12 weeks delivery time on most product So, in order to get these coveted and BATTLE TESTED products, you need to be somewhat patient when you place an order.

Of course what SHOT Show would be complete without stopping by the SureFire Flashlight booth and trying not to get blinded by some fool that does not realize that if you turn on a SureFire Flashlight not aimed either up at the ceiling or straight at the floor you'll wind up blinding someone in the booth temporarily & this year was no different Thankfully it lasts only a little while of those spots in the vision everytime you blink. Anyway, their new SureFire Fury is the flashlight of all flashlights. It is a 15-500 lumens unit that is only 5.4" long and weights a mere 5.7 ounces with batteries. This is the unit to always have with you. At $155.00 it's somewhat pricey for a flashlight, but not pricey in the world of SureFire Flashlights. With a range of just a glow @ 15 lumens to 500 lumens which is bright enough to see when aimed at a light this unit is fantastic.

Bushnell makes more products than anyone can keep track of, and to be perfectly honest I have never taken the time to really stay on top of it all. Their line is more a mass merchant, it sells because people buy it, line and we have never been a big Bushnell dealership. Maybe it's because they are so big that we'll always be a small fish in a huge ocean and because of that we'll never be able to offer the type of customer service we can with the lines we are strongly behind. Yes, a company like Nikon is a huge company but since we are one of the largest independently owned Nikon camera dealers in the USA we are overall a big dealer for them and can give the type of customer service you deserve and we offer.
Getting back to Bushnell...I spent some time with my rep and a rep from Night Optics USA which is now owned by Bushnell.
Way cool products. The few that he highlighted for me and was excited about were:
* PVS-14 Gen 3 Standard 1x Night Vision Monocular - The highly versatile NO/PVS-14 system can be used as a hand-held or hands-free single eye goggle, or as a night vision weapon system when coupled to a daytime close quarters battle sight. Each system ships with a fully adjustable Headmount Assembly and adaptor to allow right or left eye use.
* D-740 Gen 3AG Autogated 4x Night Vision Scope - The 4x, D-740 night vision weapon scope combines years of experience with the latest technological developments. The rugged design utilizes space-age materials to reduce weight and improve recoil resistance.
Standard features include a waterproof, purge-capable housing; Mil-Dot illuminated Red-on-Green or Amber-on-Green reticle; high-grade multi-coated Optics; manual gain control; and a quick-release, throwlever mount. With guaranteed zero retention on medium caliber weapons (including .308 caliber), these are the systems of choice for Military and Law Enforcement professionals.
* Products list page - Their stuff was so cool that I can spend the day itemizing what they offer, so click here which links to their products page to check out what they offer.

I had what I'd like to think was a productive meeting @ Kowa. The issue I have with Kowa is not the quality of their products, as quite frankly IMO they are an the best kept secret in optics which is my issue. They do not advertise their products therefore nobody knows who they are. They are huge in England. Big in the Birding community and those in the know recognize their TSN-883 Spotting Scope as one of the finest spotting scopes available, however, the lack of marketing on Kowa's part makes a great product harder to put into peoples hands.
We were able to work out a deal for members of the Camera Land family on the already super deal we've been giving on the Straight 60mm Spotter (TSN-602)

Click Here, More Info

If you order a Kowa TSN 602 60mm Straight Camo Spotting Scope Kit, which is on our site reduced to $699.99 from $1000.00, and mention this SHOT Show report we will give an additional $100.00 discount. That's right, you can get the Kowa TSN 602 60mm Straight Camo Spotting Scope Kit for only $599.99. Our way of helping Kowa get more known.

We are working together to bring some specials to you to get more of their products into the hands of the users so stay tuned.

Again, SHOT Show proved to be a very enlightening week. If we can answer anything for you please feel free to give a call. As soon as we receive new products in, as well as demo products, we'll let you know. Thanks for taking the time to read this & as always thanks for all the support we receive.