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Thread: What have you done to bomb-proof your trail rig?

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    Default What have you done to bomb-proof your trail rig?

    I don't know where else to ask this, but what have you all done to bomb-proof your off road vehicles including trucks?

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    Well, I'm currently in Iraq. I could tell you what we do to "bomb proof" our trucks over here, but I suspect you're looking for a different kind of bomb-proofing.

    The other 299,300,000 people can have it.

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    AK soldier, Thank you for your service. Keep up the Good Work!

    Now on to the question:
    I installed Aluminum Products Inc set of stik guards, Front Skid plate / hook holster, Full belly plates, rear bash plate. I also installed a set of Shoc socs. A factory front brush guard over the head lights finishes off the add ons.
    This gives my Grizz protection from the front rack all the way past the trailer hitch on the underside. And all the API items are made out of 1/4" aluminum plateing, so its tuff.


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    I haven't done anything to my ATV yet, but would like to build some sort of rear bumper and some Nerf bars for sliding over logs and such.

    For my off-road truck... I think that going to a good quality hydraulic steering was the best thing I have done for reliability. Before that I was tearing steering boxes off the frame, or cracking the frame on every trip. Bead locks have helped keep the tires on the rim while running single digit pressures. Upgrading the axle shafts and going to solid pucks instead of locking hubs has made a great improvement in my axle reliability, as has welding the u-joints into the axle shafts. I upgraded to 1.5 Ton drive shaft u-joints and build custom shafts. I also swapped in a TH-400 instead of a TH-350, and installed a full manual valve body that runs without a governor so the tranny always runs at full pressure. Dual tranny coolers with an electric fan. Boxing the frame and adding an extensive roll cage has really helped stiffen up the chassis to prevent cracking. I also replaced all the fuel and trans lines with SS so they wouldn't get damaged from heat or sticks. Built custom motor mounts to keep the engine from moving too much. Re-wired everything to prevent electrical problems. Built custom battery mounts so I could carry extra batteries. Went to 4 links to eliminate bent and broken leaves.

    Lock tite everything that you cant check often, anti-seize the rest. Use a torque wrench. Grease often, (use grease that is sticky and resistant to water) re-pack bearings after every trip you spend any time in the water or silt. Change fluids often. Pull your axle shafts every once and a while and check for twist. Install drive shaft yokes that accept U-bolts instead of straps. Loctite the caps into the yokes. Use stover nuts and hardened SAE washers instead of nylocks or split lock washers.
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    Default Roll cage

    I have only rolled my 4 wheeler a few times. I am a pretty conservative rider. One time I had a life threatening experience. If my buddy had not been near by and witness my flip I may not have been found. I was folded up and pinned under my machine completely upside down in the tundra. I could not move. My friend took all his strength and rolled the machine off me. I was not hurt.
    That next winter I built an enclosed cab incorporating a 1 1/4 inch aluminum pipe roll cage. I believe it will handle all but the worst roll over. I thought about trying to sell these tops but there is too much expense in building them and too much liability to be sold as a roll cage. Just the fabric work cost me 1K. You can see some pictures at the website I am building.


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