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Thread: gardening season already...???

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    Default gardening season already...???

    minus temps, blowing snow, howling winds and freddies already has the garden seeds out on sale...
    I didn't stop to pick out my favorites, because I just wanted to get home and out of that *&^%$ wind... but now that I'm home, and had a hot toddy, I'm wondering if maybe it would have been the smarter move to pick out my favorites while they have them in stock instead of waiting til the end of Feb, first of Mar to go shopping only to find everything I want has already been sold out...!!!!!

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    I missed out on some last year because I waited.
    If I see a seed rack, I'll be getting a few things I missed out on last year. Most seeds packs last 2 years for me & I don't notice many not sprout the second year.
    Remember if they put out the weed be gone & other herbicides near the seeds, the vapors can make the seed sterile.
    Thanks for the "heads up"


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