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    Since we do not now have a boat with a fish/depth finder or downriggers, how would I determine how much line to let out when trolling for salmon? (silvers primarily). We've used the divers that are used on the Kenai river to get the herring down with success, but have no idea how much line to let out or how far the diver is actually going down vs. line let out. We just guess at it, and it seems to work (well, it did the one time we tried it!) I think we were lucky! I'm not even sure of the depth of water around the shoreline in/around Seward; close in to the harbor, I know it probably gets deeper the farther away from shore. I was thinking about maybe getting some line counter reels and try to get some method to our madness! I've also heard of catching rockfish, etc on "needle" type jigs/lures? What's the best kind to use? Is color important when fishing for bottom fish?

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    I haven't gotten used to using my downriggers yet. The 2 times I used them so far I didn't catch anything until I went back to jigging. Anyway I have used a couple of different divers, pink ladies work good. We usually set out 4 lines and we use a measurement we call rod lengths. Basically rod to back of boat, free spool line as the rod is swung to bow, call it 1 rod length. Hope that makes sense. At the time we start setting out everyone would pick a different # of rod lengths starting at 5 or 6. If the fishing is real good you'll find where to set them all in no time. May sound corny or old fashioned but it has worked for us.

    Hooligan work good for them rockbass and they are cheap. If you boat the Susitna around the first of June pay attention to areas that seagulls and eagles have congregated on the beach. That is generally where the hooligan are so thick......well......lets just say the net isn't designed to pick up that much weight

    Now I just have to figure out how to use these downriggers.

    I sent ya a pm Jim.

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    we did pretty good dragging pixies behind divers last summer
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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