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    Looking at a 92 polaris indy trail. What is the going price for one in good condition? Is this a good sled for camping, hunting and fishing? Will it pull a haul sled decent enough? I have only had mt. sleds so ths is new territory for me but I am tired of using my RMK for other then it was intended.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Default What cc

    I have a 340 indy lite that works beautiful for such tasks. Clutched etc. for going slow and trail work.
    Very dependable and good sled.
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    It's gray, right? A '92 Trail should have a 488 fan cooled Fuji motor. The chassis was the best thing going in '92. They worked well. But 1992 was a very long time ago in snowmachine years. We've come a long way. It can't be worth much, no matter how good the condition is.

    What I remember about early '90s Polaris machines.....very finicky carbs. Re-jetting for temperature and altitude was necessary. Trails were better than liquid-cooled machines, but not much.
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    Default 92 sport gt for sale

    Deerhunter---I have a 92 polaris sport gt posted on the swap and sell forum you might want to take a look at. Great machine for what you are describing.

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    Great machine for what you do. If you know what you are doing, jet the carbs once, live happily ever after.


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