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    The annual meeting of The Alaska Rifle Club will be held Friday, February 3, 2012 at the Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park (shotgun) Clubhouse at 6:30 PM. You are invited to attend. There will be pizza and door prizes. This is the annual business meeting and election of officers. Please bring a list of candidates for the election. Campaigning ahead of time is OK. The first Friday in February is the new membership year so all will need to renew. I have included a membership application so you can bring it with you or send it in to the club secretary for your renewal.

    Current Officers: President - Mark Friest
    Vice President Ė Pat Tipton ARC Application.pdfARC_2012_Schedule.d2.pdf
    Secretary / Treasurer - Arthur Solvang
    Executive Officer Ė Ron Fleischhacker

    Thedraft 2012 schedule is included in this mailing. If there is a change it will come out as an addendum, so confirm match dates with the latest information on the web site, email, or call the discipline director. This year we will have some combined Black Powder Cartridge target Rifle and High Power Rifle matches. Match attendance at Ft. Richardsonís Pedneau Range requires several non-firing officials on the line while the range is hot. This requires a minimum of nine participants to hold a match. Thatís why we have to combine disciplines.

    Things not on the Schedule:

    Youth Day - I will not organize or attend this year so if the club wants to be a part of Youth Day, someone else will have to step up and run our program.

    John C Garand Match - Is any one interested???

    Birchwood closes at dark on Fridays so they are going to open the gate for us at 6 PM. If you have a EPM Membership card you can get in and out whenever you want. If you don't have an EPM card, don't be late. The gate will be opened at the end of the meeting. Everyone needs to leave before 10 PM because after 10 PM no can open the gate.

    I hope to see you Friday evening February 3.
    Mark Friest

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    come out and shoot

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