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Thread: repurposed materials for boat use

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    Default repurposed materials for boat use

    i would rather use parts of items to build other items instead of throwing them away and using new material. i am not a purist, if i need a part i'll go buy it. here is the first boat out of the van.its a tender for my 27' uniflite sportfisher. i used the roof of the van to build it. the sheet was 17' long and 60" wide. i used a skill saw with a metal cut blade to cut the pieces. i used a tire to set the curve of the hull. 1/8 plate that was the vans interior driver-cargo divider became the transom.I ran the tube from an old rader rack, through the table saw to cut a slice lengthwise to slip over top edge, welded inside and out. i figure i still have a 16' river boat worth of sheet left.

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    That's awesome! Great job re purposing what would otherwise be scrap.
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