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Thread: 325 WSM L/H Rifle Project completed

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    Default 325 WSM L/H Rifle Project completed

    Latest rifle project just completed thanks to Montana Rifle Company and McMillan Fiberglass Stocks. Here is a photo of my new son-in-law's wedding gift. Enjoy

    Caliber: 325 WSM
    Action: L/H MRC 1999 BSLM, 415 SS, Bolt face .534”, Magazine
    Box Length 3.125”
    Trigger: adjusted to 3 lb trigger pull
    Barrel: MRC 24" #4 Contour, Recessed Target Crown, 1-10" Twist
    Stock: McMillan Super Grade fiberglass, molded in forest camouflage color, pillar bedded with SS inserts and floated, Pachmayr Decelerator Pad, 13.75” LOP
    Scope: Leupold Vari X III 3.5-10 x 40
    Mounts and 1" Rings: Burris
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    Default Additional Photos

    Attached another photo.
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    Default Last and final photo

    3rd and final photo of new 325 WSM MRC 1999/McMillan rifle.
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    Default Rifle weight

    Rifle with scope, rings and mounts weighs approximately 8.5 lbs.

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    Willard the bolt is on the wrong side.

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    Default L/H Rifle completed, R/H Rifle planned

    My son-in-law is left handed and this will be his very first left handed rifle. I still have plans to have built the R/H 325 WSM with the MRC 1999 SS action that I bought from you. That will be my next rifle project. Will post pics when it is completed, may take 6 months or so to complete.

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    Default Daughter's MRC 1999 SS 308 Win rifle

    Here is a description and pics of my daughter's rifle, which I also gave to her as a wedding gift. This rifle I purchased complete, ready to shoot and hunt with. Enjoy

    R/H MRC 1999 McMillan Fiberglass Stock 308 Winchester

    Caliber: 308 Winchester
    Action: R/H MRC 1999, 415 SS
    Barrel: MRC 21" #2 Contour, Recessed Target Crown
    Stock: McMillan Super Grade fiberglass, molded in color, pillar bedded with SS inserts and floated, Pachmayr Decelerator Pad, 13.3/8” LOP
    Scope: Leupold European 3-9 X 40mm fine duplex
    Mounts and Rings: Leupold, 30mm Rings
    Weight: approximate weight 7.5 lbs with scope, rings and mount
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    You set a fine table

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    Thankyou, but credit for the table layout should really go to the previous owner of the 308 Win, rifle makes a nice centerpiece doesn't it. Something only a hunter/rifle shooter would enjoy.

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    Default Dandy lookin' Rifles!

    My Brother lost his right eye 20, maybe 25 years ago. Had to re-learn to do everything, including shooting, left-handed. He went down the road of semi autos, pumps, and levers, finally got round to going over the top to use a right handed bolt gun, and got quite proficient at it. Two years ago, I found him a Southpaw controlled feed M70 Classic/XTR type .300 Winchester. He really thought that a left handed rifle was going to be the cat's meow...till he tried to use it! Two years, and he still fumbles around with the piece, and I think he's about ready to hang it on the wall and go back to his right handed 700 Remington!!!
    I've got a Montana Rifle action hanging on the wall, I've got to get going on! As close as I am, I should just climb in the truck and drive up and have them put a barrel on for me. How do their barrels perform? Quality of their barrel work? Have you had them blue anything?

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    Default MRC Rifle Barrels

    I cannot speak from personal experience about MRC rifle barrels, but here is what the previous owner of the 308 Winchester had to say.

    Quote: The bedding and floating is first class, one of the nicest jobs I have seen in a long time. I am the second owner. The first owner had this gun built, shot it 20 times with 1" groups @ 100 but felt the gun was too heavy. I bought this gun, did a bit of work on the floating, mounted bases and 30 mm rings and topped it off with a Leupold Euro 3X9 fine duplex and took it to the range. It shot groups of just at 1/2" @ 100 yrds. I put 20 rounds through it, so it now has a total of 40 rounds through it. End Quote

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    He will love the MRC action. I just ordered another lefty stainless one for myself.

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    Talking building rifles

    You treat them well!

    Hey "Dad", can I join the family? lol



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