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    I have a 788 Remington in .243 caliber that was shot with snow in the barrel. The barrel is no good now. What are my options on doing something with this gun? i know this is not a high priced gun but would like to have it back in a condition that it could be shot.

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    Screw on a new barrel, you can probably find a reasonably priced takeoff on Gunbroker, or at Gunparts corp.(Numrich). If not, you can always thread up and chamber a blank, but that can run into some money, even with an inexpensive blank.
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    If you are in Anchorage or Fbnks, I'd talk to a gunsmith. I don't know if the 788 uses the same system as the 700, but you can get "relatively" inexpensive short chambered barrels from Midway (Adams and Bennet brand). It would then be fitted and finished reamed. Assuming the 788 used the same barrels as the 700, I would think it could be done for under $200, maybe even less than $150.

    When you say the barrel is no good, how much of it was damaged? Depending on the length of the barrel, if only say the last two inches were damaged, a gunsmith could cut it off and recrown the barrel - that would be a super cheap solution.

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    I had a gunsmith cut the barrell and it liked about 1/2 inch being legal. I had him screw a muzzle brake on so it would be legal but it has ruined the accuracy of the gun. I was also less than thrilled with the work that the gunsmith done to the gun. It was a rifle that my dad used to own or I would not worry with it at all. Would just like to get it to where it would shoot well enough to be fun to shoot once in a while. Not expecting a bench gun from it but would like to be able to shoot ground hogs at 100 yards or so.

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    The threads are different between the 788 and 700. Go to Pac-Nor or Douglas if Numrich Arms doesn't have a take off. You can always go to a different caliber n the same action. I have a 788 in 22-250 and in 243, great guns.


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