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Thread: sand lake 1/13/2012

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    Default sand lake 1/13/2012

    Fished from 10am-3pm caught 2 16'-17" and numerous lil ones. It slacked off for bout an hr or so then it was back to back fish. Tube jig covered in glow shrimp scent worked well at times and other times the spoon worked better.

    26"+ of ice, To heck with this hand auger lol. imma start looking for a used gas auger i cant spend 15 mins drilling a hole.

    Someone left a bunch of trash out on the lake. I picked up what i could see in the snow. Please pick up your trash!

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    poarch0, Word of advice. Stick with the hand auger. It will never fail you. Just this weekend I watched a brand new Eskimo ice auger straight out of the box piss gas out the carb, a one year old Jiffy not start beacuse it was two cold and then also pissed gas out of the carb. In the 30 years I have ice fished the only thing thats been a constant, is Ice Augers are the cause of most ice fishing problems. Always bring your hand auger with. They just dont make Augers like they used too.
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    Thanks for the in town update. Stay warm out there.

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    Went back out to sand i decided to keep 2 bows and 2 chars to try em. I swear they are million lil fish in sand lake. I caught 30+ char and bows. In 2.5 hrs the new lil tubes i got from radical glow go great will a dodger wow! No more bait for me. But im ready to land a lunker, any suggestions for anchorage area?


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