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Thread: QuickFish Vent Guyline Modification

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    Default QuickFish Vent Guyline Modification

    A modification that I made to my QuickFish shelter's vent covers to attach a guyline. I mentioned this in another thread and it was requested that I post some pics, which I have attached.

    Basically, I noticed that the vents don't hold themselves open and if you put a vent upwind, the wind tends to hold it mostly closed. As the air and resulting condensation in the shelter builds up very quickly, I thought it would be best to place the shelter so that you have a vent upwind and the opposite one downwind to create some crossflow ventilation. The shelter comes with a couple guy lines to help hold it stable in windy conditions, but they are intended to connect to the center eyebolts on the walls. Thus, I thought it might help to attach the lines to the vent covers so that they would force them to stay open.

    This was easily accomplished by setting a brass grommet into the center bottom of each vent cover. With the shelter mostly collapsed, I slid a piece of 2x6 under the vent cover to protect the shelter wall and vent screen, then punch the hole and crimped in the grommet. The material is tough and it took a bit of effort to cut the hole with the punch that comes with the grommet kit. I ended up finishing the holes with a tiny pair of scissors after getting a partial cut with the punch. I then put a light bead of superglue around the cut edge of the hole to keep the fabric from coming apart in the future and set the brass grommet.

    Finally, since the guy lines included with the shelter are short and fairly cheap cords, I replaced them with some orange solid-braided paracord with enough length to get the stake position out to where it is inline with the existing angle of the vent cover. IIRC, that was about 8 feet of line which left enough to double back about 2 feet. The line tensioners that came with the shelter were reused on these guylines.

    Quick and easy modification and even though it doesn't stop moist air build-up, it does keep the vents wide open and allow for better air circulation while providing what I think it a better mounting location for the guylines.

    The first pic is the vent laying in its natural position with the cord wrapped up for storage. The second pic is with the cord pulled out to mounting position, though when attached to an ice screw anchor, the tensioner is pulled down the cord a few feet.

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    thx JOAT it looks good

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    a very simple way, but excelent way, to correct a problem


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