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    I hope I'm not going over old ground but can someone tell me what the specific differences are between the Ruger M77 MK2 and the M77 Hawkeye, the Ruger website is not particularly specific or detailed. Thanks


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    I really thought there wouldn't be much difference in the two until I picked up a Hawkeye the other day. Let me tell you, I am a Remington man, but that Hawkeye is really nice. The stock has been slimmed down and feels very compact and handy. Addtionally, the fit and finish is superb (probably the best I have ever seen on a factory gun). The gun was also very well balanced - It felt extremely light in the hands. Lastly, there is apparently a better trigger on the New Hawkeye, but I did not try the trigger on the one I handled. Hope this helps, it really is a fine rifle.


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