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    I compared several Steiners to the Minox HG 10x43 and have dropped the steiners from my list of possible glasses to buy. I really liked the HG's, they were crystal clear, easy to focus, and far distanced edges where more defined. I could read a price tag 100+ yards away like it was in front of my face, I could not do that with the Steiner's in the Merlin or Predator.

    I hope to order these soon from Doug, but before I do I was hoping for some input from others who own these glasses. Also whats the difference between the meter version and standard configuration?

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    The difference between the meter and standard version is a minor difference. On the face of the focus wheel is a distance scale out to 100 yards (or meters on the meter version). That is the only difference.
    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
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    WG, as mentioned in your other thread, I ordered a set of the metric 10x43 HG's from Doug. The ranger finder on the focus knob is in meters, instead of yards, but the range finder is only detailed to 50 meters or so. The difference between a meter and a yard is about 3 inches, so out to 50 meters you're only talking about a difference of about 4-1/2 yards. IMO, this is hardly something to be concerned about.

    Save yourself $100 and get a set of the "meter" demos Doug has. At $499, I don't think there is a better bargain in the binocular world than these particular Minox 10x43 HG's.

    You can look here for more feedback on the Minox HG's:
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    Default 10x52

    I just purchased (2) pair of the 10x52 (meter). I had purchased the (yard) pair but Doug allowed me to send them back for the (meter) pair and save $$$ For this price my brother ordered a pair also.

    So if Doug still has these I would get these over the 10x43.

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    Water Gremlin - I think you and I waited too long! I called earlier this week and he's now out of the HG 10x43's at the $499 price! Now back to the drawing board.


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    yes, the $500 was long gone but I went ahead and purchased a new pair from Doug. It was still a great deal compared to other retail stores in my area.


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