I just bought and installed a new WRP 4" seat on my 2005 700 RMK. I'm 5' 5" with relatively short legs and have a 2" riser on my handle bars. I ride mostly off trail as much as possible in as deep of powder as I can find in the swamps and hills here in Alaska but I'm not a highmarker. I've loved having the control the 2" riser gives me, but ended up riding standing up most of the time; sitting down was a pain, hard on the knees and also put me to far back on the machine, something to do with being behind the center of the machines front to back pitch? I also had trouble with all the standing up because the stock Polaris seat hangs out over the tunnel leaving me with bruises on the inside of my upper ankles. Bunny boots like I wear don't have thick enough tops to give any cushioning either.

On a 2005 700 RMK the WRP seat is 22" above the running boards at the point where I normally stand and while I didn't measure the 700 before I changed the seat, a 2002 600 RMK seat is 15 1/2" above the boards at that point making the new seat 6 1/2" higher than stock.

My initial impression just sitting on the machine is that the seat feels pretty high. I first noticed that my forearms actually sloped down to the bars instead of up as you would find on a stock machine. I also found that moving my legs from one side to the other meant rolling a little at the hips. Just as note, info I found on the BOSS Seats site says, "When you are standing on the boards you should be able to bend your leg at the knee and swing it over the seat without rolling your hips. This is the ideal seat height."

After going riding on Saturday my impression was pretty positive. I struggled some with moving my legs side to side over the seat as I expected, but the sitting to standing transition was great and I found myself sitting down more just because it was more comfortable. I definitely felt colder because I was up in the wind stream more sitting down but the bars felt okay and I could control the machine fine. One big thing I noticed was that the inside of my ankles didn't get bruised by the bottom edge of the seat like before.

In the end I think I will eventually order the 3" seat from WRP or try the 2" Skinz seat and put this one up for sale. One way or the other though, I don't want to go back to stock.

Does anyone have the 3" WRP seat that they could measure and report?