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Thread: Bears by Boat in August?

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    Default Bears by Boat in August?

    I would love to take my son up to Alaska next year (2008) in pursuit of a bear (ideally a big brownie, but a good grizzly would fit the bill as well). The problems are a) given his academic and athletic commitments, the only window of opportunity we get on the calendar is the last few weeks of August, and b) he will only be 12, and probably better suited to a less rugged trip than a more intense one, comfort-wise.

    For the second reason, I was focusing on boat-based trips in SE Alaska. Unfortunately, they don't seem to fit our mid to late August timeline. I have seen some mid to late August hunts offered in the northwestern areas of Alaska, but they appear to be more in the harder-core, spike camp variety.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on reconciling these competing concerns woudl be appreciated, especially recommendations of specific guides. Thanks very much in advance for sharing the wisdom.

    P.S. I know that next door in the Yukon I might have a better chance of achiving my goal, and my son and I are actually headed this August to chase moose with Terry Wilikinson at Ceaser Lake Outfitters. For 2008 I would prefer to explore Alaska, if it's possible.

    P.P.S. I am not looking for my son to pull the trigger, just to be there with me, maybe do some fishing and even some bird hunting if time and regulations permit.

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    you'll probably want to hit up some guys in unit 16 for what you want, and it'd be perfect timing, i dont know any guys over in that unit personally but i know some guys hunt those rivers in mid to late august and its basicly just walking down rivers looking for bears feeding on the fish. I've got bear hunts in july that are on fish as well but you have to do some walking to get there, youngest hunter i've ever had was 15 and he did fine, but everyones different. shoot me a pm and i can look up some outfitts over in that area for you.
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    Sit a bit upstream from the mouth on a salmon stream for long enough and if you are quiet and still theres a decent chance you see a bear. Can you hunt big river lakes?
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