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Thread: Moose hunting boot?

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    Default Moose hunting boot?

    I am going on a ten day float hunt in 2012 and am looking for some advice on boots to wear. Should I just bring my breathable fishing waiders and shoes or some knee highs. I was also looking at the cabellas millenium wader boot combo. Has anyone ever used these. Not sure how much walking that I will be doing. Just looking for a little advice. Thanks

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    Last float hunt I did I used the cabela's Tundra boot and I was impressed with them. I could pull them up for wading across the creek or fold them down for hiking.

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    In a nutshell, there are pros and cons to both and it winds up becoming your call in the end . Lacrosse Big Chief ankle fit rubber hip boots are frequently recomended most seem to like the insulated version.Pro's for them are they are pretty rugged, they roll down when not needed keeps you from getting damp from the inside out, easy on and off. Cons they never really dry out overnight unless you bring a propane boot dryer or stuff some news paper down in there to absorb the moisture, they are a little heavier than the breathable. Breathable are nice because the cover your butt and keep your rear dry while rafting or if you have rain, if you step in a beaver hole up to your junk you are covered , they for the most part are lighter and a better fit on your foot due to the lacing, they dry faster at night when you take them off and if you put the neoprene under your sleeping bag at night it helps to keep them warm for the a.m. Cons , they are noisy compared to the ankle fits, you get damp from perspiration , you have to drop them every time you have to take a leak,people complain about their feet getting cold because of lack of insulation ( but some guys are now stuffing those disposable toe heaters in them to overcome this) some guys don't like the fact that the breathable seem to bring more water in the raft.These are some of the more common things you will hear , it all boils down to what you have OR are more comfortable with its your call both will get it done.


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