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Thread: Crosswind lake to Sourdough

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    Default Crosswind lake to Sourdough

    Hello, I am curious if anyone knows if the tributaries between Crosswind lake and the West fork Gulkana are floatable? Any info anybody might have would be greatly appreciated. If you don't feel comfortable replying to this post please send me a pm. Thanks.

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    the year i tried it the conditions weren't doable. high winds on the lakes were too much for comfort, and low water and lots of **** in the channels on the fish lake outlet trib to the west fork would have meant lots of portages. I haven't heard of anyone doing it yet, but maybe kayakers with light loads. The packraft option might be doable with a skeg for tracking over those lake systems, but i'd skip that and go to fish lake instead. Didn;t make sense to try the short stretch between the lake and the west fork though, better float is the upper west fork to sourdough, IMO.

    The west fork itself is riddled with low water threats, and its tribs just don;t seem doable, IMO. I've done some crazy trips, but this one has me concerned enough not to attempt it unless i have lots of time to dig my way out of a mess.

    hope it helps.


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    Thanks Larry. Very helpful. I've seen your videos. If you say it is undoable, I will take your word for it.

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    Have you contacted Kirk Wilson? He knows the area well.
    Alaska Outdoors Television ~ Outdoor Channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdelarm View Post
    Have you contacted Kirk Wilson? He knows the area well.
    Yep. I spoke with him this morning. His information was helpful. Thanks for the tip.


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