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Thread: Action bedding and weatherby stock refinishing

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    Default Action bedding and weatherby stock refinishing

    I purchased a new weatherby stock that has cracking in the gloss finish. I was thinking about bedding and stripping/refinishing myself, however i have never done either. I have spent hours getting info online and it looks fairly straight forward. But i dont want to screw it up! Anybody do this as a side business? Or have any recommendations on who to use? Prices? Thanks!

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    Use any good commercial wood-stripping stuff. I am assuming the Weatherby finish you describe is their signature real shiney stuff? Just follow directions on container of stripper. Use good gloves, the cheapo ones they sell in the store won't work.

    There are plenty of commercial furniture refinishers in Anchorage that can strip a stock. Just call one and ask.
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