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Thread: I hate AR's ( trijicon acog vs. eotech )

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    Default I hate AR's ( trijicon acog vs. eotech )

    Well i guess it's true what you here about AR rifle's and pringels. YOU CAN'T HAVE JUST ONE!!

    I got my first AR roughly 3 weeks ago. It is a RRA 20 inch predator pursuit with a 1 IN 8 twist. I love it i have got sub half inch groups at 100 with it, and the vortex scope on it. I bought it because i was tired of carrying my boat anchor 22-250 through the snow and mountians while predator hunting. The old 22-250 is dead nuts accurate and I have used for years for coyotes and bobcat's back in KS. However the choate stock was just too much to carry on foot here.

    Ok enough jaw jacking, on to my question. I am already planning my next AR out. It will be primarily for punching paper, however it would idealy also be my main home defense and SHTF rifle. I bought the RRA for hunting and it is set up that ( dead nut accurate shooting for 60-200 yards ).

    This is for all the EOTECH / ACOG owners and user's out there. Witch one would you reccomend and why?

    For the EOTECH I like the fast close quarters target aqusition. However there are things I do like about the ACOG as well.

    I would like to be able to shoot a rifle with each on it prior to buying, as I have not shot with either yet. Is anyone willing to meet up at birchwood sometime, so I may see for myself?

    This is going to be an ongoing project and in no means will happen any time soon. I am more or less looking for opinions and advice from people with experiance with these sights. Sorry about this being such a long post but it's 1 AM and half way through a bottle of good ole irish whiskey. It happens.

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    I'm pretty well sold on Aimpoint Micro T1. ( Why carry the extra weight when it's not needed. Nothing wrong with the others...I just like the Micro best. Unless you are shooting tweety birds it will work to 200 yds.
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    Default I prefer the Eotech


    Given the option between an Eotech and a dual illumination ACOG I would choose the Eotech and I would also eventually get the magnifier with the swing-to-side mount. I, personally, would not own a non-dual illumination ACOG so my comments below are referring to the dual illumination models.

    Both are solid/useful pieces of equipment. The Eotech is not as picky on sight picture, not to say the ACOG is bad. The Eotech's dot is easier to see in the dark if you have just left a lit room and your eyes are not fully adjusted - - the ACOG requires that your eye adapt before you can see the low glow of the tritium chevron. Both can be used with NV. The Eotech with a magnifier is more than sufficient for a 100+ meter engagement and, IMHO, superior to a 4x ACOG magnification for close quarters engagement. In daylight the ACOG with dual illumination is it. The fact that the ACOG needs no batteries is nice. The Eotech with magnifier is less $$$ than the dual illumination ACOG.

    FYI: I went TDY with an Army SF team to Mid-South Institute of Combat shooting last year. There were Army Spec Ops teams, Navy Spec Ops teams and a few specialized law enforcement types there that have real-world experience (not internet commandos types); these are the folks that engage hostiles for a living. In a little over a week each person fired 6500-ish rounds on stationary and moving targets from 3 yards to 100+ yards using an M4 and an M9, or a 1911 45 ACP. Not one person had an ACOG on the M4.

    I have had the Aimpoint M2, Eotech and the ACOG and my preference for engagements up to 100+ yards is the Eotech and with magnifier you can make more precise shots or extend the useful distance.

    Stick around...There will be others that have differing experiences/opinions and I would tell you that their choice is just as valid as mine.

    Let the opinions begin!


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    One downside to being a shooter in Alaska is the fact that there are no ranges/gunshop where you can test out equipment prior to purchasing aside from getting lucky and coincidentally running into someone at the range that will let you test drive. It just so happens that I have an Acog TA33-GH for sale that might fit your needs according to your post. I would be more than happy to let you try it out at Birchwood.
    My opinion on the scope is that it's a good compromise between a fast acquisition and semi-precision optic. The Horseshoe reticle is large enough to find quickly and if using the BAC (Bindon Aiming Concept) properly can be ALMOST as fast as a 1x red dot, for me anyways.

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    I've got an AR with a Trijicon TA33-8 on it. I love it. I've gotta go out to Birchwood sometime soon to zero it, I'd let you shoot it.

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    Good question. I recently picked up another AR, the 16" LaRue PredaTar. I put a Leupold VXIII 1.5 x 5 with the German #4 reticle on it and I am ordering a set of the Dueck RTS irons for it. After watching Barry Dueck and some others using these sights in 2 and 3 gun competition it appealed to me. Look up Dueck Defense. A fast transition between optics and irons is the benefit of these unorthodox off set iron sights Dueck sells. Eventually I will pick up a AimPoint M3 and that is what will probably be on it when the gun is stored in the house. AimPoint seems to have better battery life then Eotech. How these batteries hold up in cold weather in Alaska is beyond me. My other AR just wears irons, which is hard to beat for "home defense".

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    I currently have the EOTech on one of my AR's and absolutly love it. It is very fast to aquire your target and can take a beating. I am sure the ACOG can too but at almost $1k more I don't see the value in it. If I were being chased by bad guys I might look at the more expensive optics but paper doesn't scare me enough yet!

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    I have lots of time/rounds fired with EoTechs and Acogs....... each has its plus & minus.....

    Check out the low power compact Acogs.....tough scope & requires no batts.....just as fast as a Eo Tech 50yrds & further....less weight

    50 yds and closer, home defense I like the Eo Tech....had a magnafier for one but sold it....there are better sight systems if you need magnafication.

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    I have two AR15 carbines setup with an EoTech and a ACOG scope. I use them for two different things and they both excell at there intended uses. Think about what each scopes uses are going to be, maybe get a second carbine upper for the red dot if economically possible. sent u a pm

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    Have you tried something like the Votex Viper PST 1-4? It's not what you're asking about I realize, but I tried a few different options before I settled on it. Illuminated retice, very fast, etc.
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