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Thread: Chambering long actions for short action cartridges.....why?

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    Default Chambering long actions for short action cartridges.....why?

    I've noticed there are a number of companies who chamber long action bolt rifles for short action cartridges. Is it that hard to build a short action?

    Here's a couple companies that come to mind:

    CZ....they make a micro bolt for 223 sized cartridges, but don't make a short action rifle. They chamber their 30-06 sized action for cartridges like the 308 win. and the 243 win.

    Tikka: Same as CZ, they are light rifles but why no short action?

    Both of these rifles (as far as I've seen) have been great rifles, but I wouldn't choose either if I wanted a rifle chambered for a short action cartridge.

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    Well, why not?

    Some manufacturers use the same length action for cartridges, both long and short. They may even use a magazine block, and a shorter bolt stop. They may not make a Short Action.

    With cartridges that are chambered in Short actions, the magazine, and/or the action length, restricts the COL.

    If youíre building a Custom Rifle, why not use a Longer action for a short cartridge? There isnít much difference in weight, and you can seat the heavier bullets out of the powder space, providing the chamber throat is long enough.

    You will notice that with cartridges designed for short actions, the FLs are all, or mostly all, with lighter bullets.

    I donít see a problem with a short cartridge like a 308, 7mm-08, or 350 Rem. Mag, for examples, being chambered in whatís considered a Long Action, for either reason.

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    Default short actions

    Also remember that short actions are a relatively new development- all common actions were basically the same for many decades. Winchester chambered their Model 70 standard action for a wide range of lengths varying from the .22 Hornet to the .375 H&H. All sorts of stuff have been built on 98s, 03s, etc. over the years.

    But- if short actions will help the gun makers sell guns - more power to 'em. It leaves more long actions for me at better prices.
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    I believe its all about economy of manufacturing....all Tikkas are standard length, but over on the Sako side of the house they used to advertise with some pride that they made 5 seperate actions sizes scaled to specific cartridge lengths.

    CZ doesn't make a short action but the "micro" action is pretty unique and I wish more companies would manufacture such a product.

    I prefer an action scaled to the cartridge- so many seem completely overkill for the smaller wonder I am a big fan of the Kimber 84M, the Sako Vixen and the CZ "micro". Not a lot of extra metal on any of those.
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