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Thread: Small game hunting question

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    Smile Small game hunting question

    Hey guys I'm 14 and love to hunt, i try to get out as much as possible, sometimes I go alone cause my dad works, but anyway. Does anyone know anywhere I can get to on my snow machine for any small game hunting? I live on KGB and can go pretty much wherever on the trail. But my range limits to about 20 miles. Thanks for the help

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    where art on KGB do you live? is it a pretty populated area or a house in the middle of no where? if you live in the middle of no where you could grab the ol 870 and take off and pop a few rabbits behind the house.

    Now, if you have means of getting to point makinze there is a ton a rabbits out there, although they seems to have their crash this year and last year,so they are still few and far between. if you have a short 410 or 20 ga that would due best as the PT mack area is thick and nasty, but good hunting, the bast way is to take off into the thickest alders or willows you can find, the old burn areas are PRIME!! if you can get to that spot that had the fire a couple years ago, thats a reallllly good spot. is you have a 22 mag or something take it, if you just have a 22 lr or shot gun, wait for a really good head shot or with the shot gun take some heavy shot such as BB or bigger. kiss the back of your hand and kinda suck to call um in if you see one slinking through the brush. cause chances are great that you will see a fox, I see them every time I go out there, when I was working out there I would see 2 or 3 a day.
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