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    I was looking at the GSI Pinnacle soloist cook set but im not sure if i can use it with my coleman 530 stove. My stove uses white gas. I know alot of people are thinking i should buy one of the back packing stoves but im not sure if there big enough. I dont want to be in the position where i have to worry about running out of fuel.

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    I don't think there will be any problem paring that cookset with 530.

    As to running out of fuel on a backpacking stove, I'm not sure I understand the problem? Carry extra fuel bottles as needed. I've been using a coleman 533 as I came across a used one at a price I couldn't pass up. Not the litest backpacking stove, but works well enough and I can cook a meal for my family one a tank of gas.
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    Are you hiking or camping, packing or carrying everything in your vehicle? More info would get more answers is my guess. I have a Whisperlite Int. and love it. I don't use it unless I'm ice fishing or camping or day tripping. They require little fuel and produce a ton of heat for their size. I use an ancient Coleman three burner gas stove for camp where the truck carries everything. You can't beat that monster for chow for 4 or 6. On another note about equipment......My opinion is that you should buy quality equipment even if it is more expensive(it usually is) as you will spend the money one time and probably not have problems with your choice like an inferior brand. Alaska is not the place to have shoddy gear, unless you wan to make the news.........JMO--Good luck in your search and choice............
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    I will be backpacking


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