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    Happy new year guys!

    Have a couple of friends driving up the Alcan this coming June and they want to try some pike fishing before they go salmon hunting on the peninsula. Looked up some info saying there are a few lakes along the Alaska Highway between the border and Tok that might be good spots to try. Think it was Deadman and Yarger Lakes and a couple of other ones. Anyone here have experience fishing these lakes for pike?


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    Squanga Lake in the Yukon used to be a terrific lake for big pike. It is at 1315.9 km post which is 67 miles south of Whitehorse. I haven't fished it for years but there were pike over 20 pounds commonly in that lake at the time. Once they have the Yukon license they have many streams and lakes to fish. Kluane being one that has huge lake trout in it. Grayling are to be had all along the road especially if you get 1/4 mile off the road on the streams.
    One side note is to be careful which province you are fishing in as the road dips in and out between Yukon and BC 6 different times.

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    I would make a quick detour down the Atlin road near Jake's Corner. I fish all the lakes off the road and catch big pike, plus Lake Trout and grayling. They would however need a boat or canoe to get to the big fish. Little Atlin Lake is about 15 minutes from the Alcan and produces big big fish!

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    Thanks guys! Doesn't sound like those Alaska lakes are that good. They want a shot at pike so will direct them to those Canadian places.


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