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Thread: Big Lake West trail report 1-5-12

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    Smile Big Lake West trail report 1-5-12

    West Big Lake Trail Report 1-5-12
    We hope your Holidays were good and safe. Now it’s time to play, so come check out the Big Lake trails and enjoy a great day of riding.
    Light snow was falling over night and this morning for about 1 ½ ’’ of new snow and is currently coming down again. The temperatures have been cold with negative double digits all week currently 5 degrees, so the water crossings and overflow areas are not a problem. Grooming started Tuesday for us and finished today with 326.5 total groomed miles. Trails are in good shape to access the rivers, Big Su and the Yentna from Big Lake. From trails 6 or 11 the Big Su is marked very well from the guys on the river. There are a few new alder and brush ducking free zones but with that said and new snow falling there will be more, so ride safe. If you have a minute to cut a few, every bit helps … I thank you and the next guy will too.
    Remember to support the local shops and restaurants for your needs before and after riding. Ride safe and look out for others.

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    Made a run Saturday evening run from Big Lake out trail 6 out to Yetena Station. Well I must say I have never seen the trail in better shape, now understand I do not ride out that way often but we were averaging pretty close to 60 mph on fresh snow that was real smooth underneath. So except for one small tree down across the trail, you can drive over(we tried to remove it with no success) it was awesome. Riding at night instead of flat light during the day was the best thing to be in the dog house over.

    We did pass the Tucker groomer cruising down the lake and gave them a wave on my way by.

    Now if you are the one or know the person who lost the fuel can and gives me a description, about the time you lost it (have a pretty good idea from how much snow it was covered in), I will tell you where it's located and you will be happy to know it's still in the same condition that you left it in. I bumped it but didn't kill it. I moved it just off the trail so it didn't get hit. Where it was left many people will never see it unless they are either going real slow or stop at that exact location, especially with all the fresh snow since that night it probably got covered up.

    Next trip out I will haul it back if no one else has recovered it.


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