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Thread: My boat a scraper now. Bayrunner

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    Default My boat a scraper now. Bayrunner

    My grandpa just sold me this bay runner for 7000 grand and the motor had only 10 break in hours. But a wave pushed me on a rocky outcrop as I was trying to beach the boat to shoot a deer legally. Excitement got the best of me and hindsight is 20/20. I am going to hate to scrap this boat, but I understand if you experienced Bayrunner people think its a lost cause. I could spend about 3 grand max for now. I put a you tube link below as well.

    Thanks in advance. Pretty stressful.
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    Does it leak? I've seen worse, you're just lucky it's welded. A rivetted boat my have issues after something like that. I say if it doesn't leak you're fine. How did it handle on the ride home? And what were you doing trying to beach a boat in that kind of weather?
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    I don't know if it is the right thing to do but I would grab my body hammers and screw gun and get after it. Yank the floor boards and knock it mostly straight. The keel looks like it is welded on and doesn't effect hull integrity (at least as far as keeping the water on the correct side). In the end it is a $7k boat so I wouldn't spend a fortune on it. I would bang it straight-er then probably pony up to have Gary at greatland patch up and re-tack the keel.

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    I agree with Lujon,, seen much, much worst and they are still going strong. Beat it out best you can, have the holes patched and replace the keel strip or just have it re welded where it broke loose. By all means stop by and have an expert check it, but I don't think it is as bad as you think.

    An inflatable raft works well for what you were attempting to do.

    Did you get the deer???

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    Good encouraging advice. I was thinking about using the same tactics, but thought that would be a little to farmer style. I would however get some extra support welded in. Yes I got the deer, but it did not feel like a successful hunt.
    Thanks for the responses.


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