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Thread: Question on a 67 muculloch/sears motor

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    Default Question on a 67 muculloch/sears motor

    I have this motor I got from craigslist and don't have any manual for it. I need to know what the fuel lines do. I assume the red is where it goes in, but the yellow and green I have no idea. Maybe pressure for the tank? Also will this motor suck it's own fuel or does it need some special system? And lastly does anyone know the fuel fitting or do I just force the line on?

    Hope someone can help!
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    Never worked on one, but was curious so found some links that might be helpful:

    Outboards designed to use an extrenal tank have fuel pumps to pull the fuel from the tank. If the engine has sat for an extended perioud of time, I'd highly recomend cleaning and rebuilding the carburator and fuel pump. It would also be a good idea to inspect the water pump impeller and replace it if it's worn or the vanes have taken a set.
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