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Thread: Bridger Traps

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    Default Bridger Traps

    I have some year-old #4 coil spring bridgers and they are pretty beat up after this year's season. Just interested in getting some opinions on these traps before I decide to retire them. In my mind I am thinking that they are pretty much junk - am I mistaken?

    I mostly run Victor long springs and have no complaints...

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    You can often buy parts for traps.
    How did your traps get so bad in one year that they might need retiring?
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    Default Wolves

    Our wolves got careless this year and we started catching them in cubby sets... Two of the bridgers we had are bent up pretty good. The Victors made it through without a hitch...

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    Default No Complaints

    Ive run dozens of #3 Bridger 4 Coiled for Coyote in Maine. The mutts get to about 40lbs sometimes here. Mine have stood up well,we also have a 24 hour check law too. Ive used some #4 in snow with the same results. Short Chain? Long Chain?

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    Default catching wolves

    If you are catching wolves in those, I can imagine them getting beat up really good. They aren't a "well" built trap, but surely not good enough to take the beating from wolves. I know what some of my #9's look like after a wolf!


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