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Thread: Figure eight & Flathorn lakes

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    Default Figure eight & Flathorn lakes

    Attention all fishermen that are familiar with the lakes!! I know that it's a bit late in the season but wanna make one last ice fishing trip out there. Has anybody recently been out there lately? How are the trail conditions and lakes? any known over flows out there this time of year? I've been out several times earlier this year but not lately. Thinking about heading out there this weekend and just wanna make sure snow and ice conditions still good for traveling? Thanks for nfo.

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    I just got back from flying over that area. No overflow or melting was visible anywhere. The trails should be about the consistency of concrete with very little loose snow. Nobody was fishing but there were recently used holes at the two lakes in question and a bunch on Alexander Lake. You should easily have a couple of weekends left to fish the lower Su area with no worries about the ice or trail conditions. Beware of running right down the Big Su, though. The holes that were reluctant to freeze earlier in the year are reappearing.The sandbars are growing bigger by the day with the warm sun returning. The primary routes are still rock solid.

    Have fun.

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    Default Flathorn

    I was out there today 3/30. I talked to a couple of guys fishing and they had not caught a thing (about 7 hours). Did not see any blood on the lake. I was just passing through, did not wet a line. The trail in was good, no overflow. The snow is melting fast, I would watch it if you have a liquid cooled machine. Remember, the trail closes at midnight on the 31st due to state game refuge. Good luck


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