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Thread: New from S&W: 6.5" barrel 329 XL Hunter 33 oz.

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    Default New from S&W: 6.5" barrel 329 XL Hunter 33 oz.

    S&W has done it again!

    Stumbled across this one the S&W website:

    33 oz for a 6 1/2" barrel .44 Magnum vs. 45 oz for the 629.

    And this is with the SS cylinder - with a titanium cylinder it will drop some more weight - maybe go under 30 oz.

    Also check out the grips - these should be an improvement over the orginal 329 PD grips without adding a lot of bulk or weight.

    For most hunting in the lower 48 this should do the trick. Also a great carry gun for Alaska for those that feel adequately equipped with a .44 Mag.
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    That revolver has been on their website for about a year. I had one on order through their Military discount program for many months before finally cancelling the order after S&W told me via phone call they were unsure when they would actually make it. In a round about way they sort of suggested they made a couple off the bat but when I tried to push them to get an accurate answer they side stepped it. I even posted something here about it when it first came out.
    Bought a Stealth Hunter instead. Still, would like to buy one but doubt if they will ever make it.


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