There will be a bang and clang silhouette shoot at B Range at Birchwood shooting park and range on 7 Dec. Shooting starts at 1000. Come to the range about 0930 to help set up the metal targets.
Black Powder Target Rifle Match
Bang & Clang

Location: Birchwood Shooting Park, Chugiak, Alaska

Sponsored by: Alaska Rifle Club

Directions to Range
Glenn Highway to North Birchwood exit, west on Birchwood Spur Road around airport, right at Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park sign.


The Bang & Clang is a non-regulation, 40 shot, offhand, iron silhouette
shooting contest. Match to be held Saturday, on Range B of the Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park, with a sign in time of 10:00 AM.

The course of fire is:

1. Ten (10) targets, at four different distances (50, 100, 150 & 200
meters). Total shots are 40 (for score) plus whatever sighting shots you

2. Targets are life size steel Alaskan animals;

3. Sighting shots will be allowed at the start (first bank of 5 targets)
of each of the 4 distances. These sighting shots will be on metal
swingers and an extra 2 minuets is given for this effort;

4. Time allowed is one (1) minute per target (which allows the black
powder shooters time to blowtube). To score you must knock the target
off of the rail during the allotted time period;

5. Range commands will be per the NRA's Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
(BPCR) Silhouette Rules; and

6. Competitors will be required to spot and score shooters in addition
to help paint and re-set targets.

Single Shot, bolt action and/or lever action rifles are legal.
Ammunition loaded with any Safe: synthetic black powder (Pyrodex) or
straight black powder or duplex or smokeless powder charge, and lead
bullets is acceptable. No jacketed bullets allowed. This will be an "Any Sight" match.
Current NRA Black Powder Rifle Silhouette Rules will govern.

Entry: Entry will be made by completing a registration card at the match.

Entries limited: Entries will be limited to 16 competitors.

Fees: $10 for ARC members; $15 for non-members (Fees must amount to
range fees)

Time of firing: Firing will commence at 10:00 am.

Targets: Chickens - 50 yards; Wolverines - 100 yards; Swans -150 yards; Rams -200 meters. OR Chickens at 200 meters.

Course of fire: 40 shot Match Course
50/100/150/200 meters

Point of contact: Somerset Jones
Phone: 688-6892