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Thread: Have FOXPRO, Gun, & Sled, will travel...

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    Default Have FOXPRO, Gun, & Sled, will travel...

    I can't seem to figure out predator hunting. Anyone up for showing me the ropes? I'm in the army now and on Fort Rich, but I'm getting out in 2 1/2 weeks and moving to Palmer. I just want to learn the basics of calling predators and I learn a lot better when someone shows me. I'm gonna be in AK for a while and have always wanted to do it, so I figure it's time I get serious and try to learn...

    Shoot me a PM.

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    you're a little far from me.....

    Find a spot with sign, I like traveling after the snow and cut fresh well. Good time to scout regardless

    Or find food.

    Set up and call.

    Be patient....I like to sit longer but havent been able to go past 30mn or so lately, dunno why antsy I guess. Cats come slow unless you're close. Dogs usually come in hard charging though my last yote came to the edge and sat down after 30 or so min of calling. Pretty common with all the critters especially in called areas, watch just inside or just at the brush edge.

    Sets I'll sit in open areas, thick areas, just depends on the place and the weapon you've got, along with day or night. I like more open at night and more brushy in the day...dunno if it makes much of a difference, if they're hungry, they'll usually come atleast close enough for a shot! I've had a lot of cats come within 30-50 yards of the edge's this year and sit down. I couldnt see them, but I'm sure they could see me. I'm starting to wonder if they are light shy with all the callers out and about.

    Watch the wind!!! Most of my dogs have either come downwind, or tried circling downwind.

    Good luck!

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    Predator hunting is adictive. I would rather be predator hunting than any outher type of hunting. Make sure you are camoed up good.

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    I am nuts about predator hunting.

    Coyotes especially! Can't wait to get home after my Navy retirement and start hunting wolves.

    You need a good population of bunnies and grouse to have predators. So try areas where you see lots of snowshoes and grouse.


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