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Thread: 454 double tap wfngc load data

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    Default 454 double tap wfngc load data

    I pick up a box of each 335gr and 360gr Double Tap wfngc hardcast bullets the other day for a 454 casull Ruger SRH. I can't find load data for wfngc bullets even on-line. I can find lfngc data. My question is would I be able to use lfngc data for wfngc?

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    It will be close, but, as each gun is an individual, you need to start a few grains under and work up. This is true even if you use all the exact stuff the other guy did. All loading data is ball park and not meant to be an exact receipe for your gun. Always start low and work up. Low with some powders (296/110) is not much below max so use the book starting load on this one or at least as close as you can match components.


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