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Thread: Trail Nut BLT trails report for Big Lake 12-30-2011

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    Default Trail Nut BLT trails report for Big Lake 12-30-2011

    Big Lake Trails report by Alpine General Services 12-30-2011
    Happy New Years to all
    Trail 11, Crooked Lake trails has been groomed complete to the Big Su. The trail has a good base and is groomed 20' to 30' wide and in the tree areas as wide as possible. Trail 6 from the Big Su or trail 11 intersection to the SVWT and Old Cat toward Big Lake are in the same condition good. There was roughly 383 miles of trail grooming for this week. If itís off the core trail system, fun and groomed on a weekday or weekly it was probably groomed AGS, and if you see a golden retriever grooming it AGS for sure. There are still low hanging brush areas so beware and if you have an extra minute and a pair of loppers and would like to take a minute to help with cutting some out that would be awesome for the trail and other users. I would thank you for sure.
    Most of the town trails in and out of Big Lake are groomed so be sure to park in town or get your fresh supplies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, fuel and parts before or after a great ride in Big lake.
    After a few days of struggles due to a late start by Big Lake Trails Club and a day of Alpine General Services help, the Cow Lake Iron Dog bypass is almost open as of last night 12-29-2011 and is looking good. There are still a few trees across the trails on the back side of the hill so beware and be careful but its open. Big Lake Trails Club has also spent many hours this week grooming trails. They have groomed Houston Loop, The Lakes Trails and Trail 2 and their part of trail 6. There are a few icy swamp spot to watch out for but you should have a great ride from Big Lake to the Big Su. This is the place to be.
    Remember Big Lake also has the one of the best firework shows around for the New Year Holiday, you should not miss out, come join us. Please ride smart, safe and look out for others.

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