Happy New Year!!!
Well Willow is having one of the best season ever.
Over 3 1/2 ft of base snow with nice powder on top! Temps around 0
We have been grooming for 3 days with 420 fleet miles logged.
All trails are in and in fair to good shape. All of are SVWT is in and in very good shape.
We are getting a lot of people out rideing so trails will bump up fast this weekend.
Also Old Hunter trail got set in with heavy drags on Tues after cutting out 24 trees and digging lots out of the snow. Still need to trim some from trail edges.
Swamps are awesome! Let me say that again. SWAMPS ARE AWESOME!!!
But I am still finding a little overflow in lakes and swamps. Nothing bad!
We still can use your help so grab a envelope at one of our kiosks if you enjoy the trails in Willow and help out!
Got one cabin left for new years. Grab it quick!
See you on the trails!