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Thread: Nenana: Bridge 1 to McKinley Park

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    Default Nenana: Bridge 1 to McKinley Park

    Looking for a good trip to take some visitors on this summer. Found great info on the Nenana upstream of its first crossing of the Parks at Bridge 1. Curious what the river is like from Bridge 1 to McKinley Village and from there on down to the crossing at the Park. I'll be using an 18' Cat FYI. Thanks for the info. Also, any grayling hot spots along this stretch???

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    Between you me and the fence post I would Call Jim Rasis at Denali Rafting Adventures. :-)

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    I worked commercially as a guide on lower stretches (McK village to Healy Power Plant) of this river for 5 summer seasons. The Nenana is a high volume glacial river. I wouldn't run any stretch of it without dry suits and at least one other boat. From the bridge to Mc village, the float trip is slow and meandering through boulder gardens. From Mc village to the Park crossing there are several class II and III holes, ledges, tight spots. You will not likely find any fish. BlueMoose has led you in the right direction for more detailed information if you choose to run any section of this river. Denali Raft Adventures or any of the outfitters on the Nenana will usually allow you to follow or tag along on a commercial trip. If you are looking to float and fish, I would recommend other rivers.


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