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    I've been searching for fun turns (steep, deep, and safe) close to where I live on the Kenai and found a sweet spot I wanted to share. Anyone else skied the Hideout Trail on Skilak Lake road? It's a quick skin up (3/4 mile or so), trail is packed out and easy to follow. The most prominent rocky outcrop you see on the way up is the top of the trail and the best spot (for experts) to drop in for the descent. You might want to study this line on your way up... There are also a number of less steep spots (intermediate level) to ski off the top if you don't feel like jumping right in...It's not a straight shot back down to the road, you have to do a bit of traversing to link together open areas, but it is possible to ski all the way back down to the road. And route-finding is part of the fun, right? The lower half of the hill has some low angle open areas that even a beginner could link some turns on. Very low avalanche danger. Plenty of tree skiing and rock hopping possibilities. I was really surprised when I skied it today and saw no tracks. But maybe that will change after this post . Did I mention how deep it was? Hope to see you out there!

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    Really? I never would have thunk. That would sure beat the drive out to Manitoba or Magnum for some quicky laps. Is the Hideout Trail well marked and where from there? Maybe I'll see you up there.
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