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Thread: bowhunting in alaska

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    Default bowhunting in alaska

    do i need to take the bow hunting course to hunt in alaska if i have been bow hunting in other states for years. I now Idaho recuires you to have a certifacation, but if you have hunted in another state before and sign something they will let you hunt without takeing there bow hunting course

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    This may help answer a few questions:

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    You beat me to it, Lone Wolf . . . good answer.

    So, in order to hunt in an archery only hunt or area you need to pass the archery certification test.

    It is possible to hunt with a bow in an area that is not restricted to archery only, such as most registration hunts without the certification.

    I would recommend to take the time to take the archery certification. Even though most of the information may be basic, you always learn something. The proficiency test is not difficult as long as you are competent with your bow.

    Once you have the IBEP card or equivalent, you are eligible to hunt with a bow all over the world. There are a few special exceptions, such as our Alaska hunts on Fort Richardson and Elmendorf which require additional orientation and a separate proficiency test. I don't mind this either as long as you earn the special privilege of hunting in this type of an area.



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