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Thread: Which 870 Barrel?

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    Default Which 870 Barrel?

    I have a remington 870 that I want to setup as a camp bear defense shotgun. The 26" barrel is just waaayyy too long and I want something more suitable for close range, wet your pants, trying to hit anything brown/black type situations. Which barrel should I purchase? And, which slugs should I use? I have thought about it quite a bit and do not plan to load buckshot and slugs, I will be loading strictly slugs. I want the first shot to count in close quarters so I am leaving buckshot out of the equation.

    I ask because my family will be camping with my quite often this year and I want something with a little more punch than just a 44 mag, and if need be, I want something that my wife can shoot too. My 329 isn't that firearm, and hope to get her out on the range with the slug gun for practice.

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    Default 870 barrel

    I have several 870's and i use the 20" rifled barrel when i travel to Alaska.

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    Go with the shortest legally available. I think it is 18 inches.

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    Hastings rifled barrels -- very accurate-slugs only

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    I picked up an 870 Slug barrel in 18.something inches from the gunsmith at Sportsmans Wharehouse for 70 dollars, came with rifled sights even, not beaded. Its worked great for me, I dont see why you would need some kind of custom expensive barrel for your needs, when you could buy a mossberg shotgun for the price they are asking for them these days. You could even get a gunsmith to cut your 28 inch barrel down to 18 or so inches, if you dared. but honestly for the price of a new barrel, get a cheap mossberg, and bring along the 870 with the long barrel and then you have 2 guns to use at camp.
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    Default barrels

    Mossberg also makes barrels for the 870 REM.
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