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Thread: Denali Hiway ride today/Alpine Creek Lodge/Lost I-phone

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    Default Denali Hiway ride today/Alpine Creek Lodge/Lost I-phone

    Had a fantastic ride yesterday and today on the Denali Hiway for a ride to Alpine Creek Lodge. Fantastic snow conditons and lots of critters. Best part was the hospitality by the folks at Alpine Creek Lodge. Claude and Jennifier have quite a nice set up out there. I encourage anyone who wants a getaway weekend to check them out. Wether you are a seasoned rider or just a beginner wanting to give a long ride a try, its a great destination. The hiway is just that... a single track trail that leads right to their lodge. Easy ride for the family... Just watch out for the drifts at mile post 87 thru 89. They'll sneak up on you. Be sure to check out the entrepenueral spirit of young Bob there as well. He has just added a new service... for a small fee he will sweep off your machines, help you get them loaded up with gear and fuel and get you ready to ride... We did the ride out in just under an hour and a half this afternoon.
    Now for the bad part... If anyone happens to find an I-phone laying in the west end of the parking lot on the Cantwell, please contact me here on the forum. Must have slipped out of my pocket when we were loading up the machines on the trailer.

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    Thanks for the plug! We had a great time with you folks out here! Glad the ride out went well. Must have been nice with all that fresh snow this morning. I'll have a friend of mine in Cantwell look in the parking lot and see if he can find it and let you know.

    Yep, Bob always has something going on! Selling firewood, selling trapline furs, washing atv's, sweeping snow off machines... etc. Not sure what he'll become when he gets older, but should be interesting to watch!

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    If you need a new one try ebay. But make sure it will work with your phone carrier!
    I got to get out there. If I ever get time time from gromming around here!
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    i betcha little bob will grow up to be a Green Bay fan......HA
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