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Thread: P345 Project update

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    Default P345 Project update

    I bought this gun a few weeks ago. First auto other than my Colt Woodsman 22. I've now got about 650 rounds through it shooting 50-100rnds per session then cleaning for the first 400ish rounds. All 200gr swcs I cast and loaded. I've shot different loads with Unique, W231 and a variety of different brass. Brass and nickel. 5.5 gr Unique or 5.6gr W231 are about equal in accuracy. I have not chronied any loads. W231 is much cleaner.

    The first 200rnds I had 3 rounds that did not feed. One was with a starting load of w231 after about 50rnds through the gun. The loads were so week the ejectd brass landed on the bench next to my arm! Other mid range or max loads of Unique threw the brass 12 ft and/or bounced it off the roof at the range! The other 2 were the second time out, about 5 above zero and I had cleaned and greased the gun. I think I got carried away and over greased the slide and used the wrong stuff. I cleaned it up after that and from then just used a little rem oil. Except on the under part of the slide where Ruger video shows to add a dab of grease. Next 200rnds no probs.

    I then loaded up 50 with some fed nickel brass. Definitely thicker brass than rp nickel or other brass brass. I had 2 of these that did not feed properly. I think it was a combo of the thicker brass and possibly not crimping enough. I was at .473.

    The last 250 were a mix of reg mixed brass and rp nickel brass. I did not clean the gun for these 250 rnds and they all fed clean. Very slight amount of leading at the lands. No biggie. I'm happy.

    I've settled on 5.6 or 5.7gr W231 crimped to .470-471 with the Lyman 200swc. I'm confident of the gun. It's accurate, I'm fine with the DA/SA trigger. I can chase a beer can around at 20yds, 2 liter bottles don't stand a chance at 25yds

    Here's how it shoots. 5.5gr Unique is the first 8rnds I shot through the gun. 19rnds W231 on the other target. 13 paces.

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    I have been thinking of another 45 acp maybe that P345 is a good choice

    nice shooting by the way

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    Good shootin Snyd!!

    I have a P90, the big brother to P345 and they are great pistols. I use a light load of Universal and 185 gr SWC and they feed fine and when it finds it's way into a vehicle with me it gets a 10 round mag of Hydra-shocks. I usually carry Glocks but the P90 is like a tank and i love it except the P90 safety is backwards (up to shoot) from the 1911 (down to fire) so I just leave it off and rely on the double action pull which is fairly long to keep me from shooting myself.

    Good luck with it and it's hard to beat the Rugers....except with a Glock.
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