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Thread: Scouting for next year (Already!)

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    Default Scouting for next year (Already!)

    I am planning a small trap line for next year, and seeing how I have not trapped for years I need to buy new gear and scout my new area. Here are my questions/topics:

    What do you have to see to tell you itís the "perfect" area?

    What is the best way to conceal your area from random snow machines traveling through following your trails and snowshoe tracks?

    What gear do you carry? (Besides the obvious)

    Where do you purchase traps/gear around Anchorage and valley?

    I have only trapped with body traps (conibear), and that was in Upper Michigan years ago. Should I expand from those, or is that necessary to collect a good variety of furbearers?

    What books could be read to prepare for true Alaskan trapping, not just slinging steel?

    I already have a location scoped out that I will be scouting the next few months. Like I said, I am still collecting traps so I will most likely not be trapping this season. I am about 20-25 miles off the road, so I feel safe that I will not be around domestic animals other than my dog, which will not be on the trap line with me. Hopefully some of you Veterans can lend some of your insight into my prep work.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You will want to expand your traps with snares and #3's or #4's. You will know your in the right spot when you don't cut another line and you actually see tracks. You may want to try going to trapper association meeting in Palmer. I'm sure someone can chime in and say date and time for the meetings, from what I've herd lots of knowledgeable people there. Good luck, it's smart doing your homework!


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