Merry Christmas.
Snow!!! Tons of it!
Tuesday night we got another big dump of snow. Ten inches on top of a 30" base.
The Chit is geting deep. With that I have been in the plow truck for two days.
But on Tues we did light drag the Big Swamp and Heavy Draged the Deshka River X-over.
So all of our SVWT is mark and was groomed this week. But remember there is 10+ inches on top of that. Again seen a little overflow in the swamps.
Temps are around 15 degrees and condishens are AWESOME! This will be some great X-mas riding in Willow
Hope to see you on the trail.
Remember we take the bumps so you don't have too!
And if you need a place to stay over the Holidays give us a call we have a couple of openings.